Having never heard it on record and only on the radio maybe once or twice, my only frame of reference was the music video, which was getting some pretty decent rotation on MTV at the time. “Bulls On Parade,” it turned out, had no intro—it just launches right into that “WANAHH-WAH-WANAHH.” But cue up the music video, and there’s the brief clicking of a film projector before the song kicks in, thanks to its grainy 8mm aesthetic. (So guerilla.) That, I thought, was my cue to hit record. One night I heard what sounded like that very same clicking, pushed the button, and sat back feeling pretty self-satisfied. I had reeled in a biggie. The radio dub to end all radio dubs—at least for my group of friends, for that summer.

But what followed was most assuredly not “Bulls On Parade.”

Zach Kelly on how the intro to Primitive Radio Gods’ “Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth  WIth Money In My Hand” fooled him into thinking he was on the verge of hearing a Rage Against The Machine song. 

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